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Written by
Kim Keeshin

Kim’s Summer Skin Care Tips

Published on
June 14, 2022
summer skin care tips

Every season poses challenges for your skin. Try these tips to feel confident that your summer skin care routine is golden!

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. I love the long summer days, outdoor activities, poolside, beach time, refreshing summer recipes, grilling and so much more! 

While we are having all that summer fun, there is also more heat, sweat, and dehydration. It’s no secret that every season poses challenges for our skin so it is important to have a few tips and tricks for the season so you can feel confident that your skin care routine is working for you no matter what season we are in.

Here are some things you can incorporate this summer to keep your skin hydrated, balanced and glowing!

Summer Skin Care Tip #1

Use chemical-free SPF. This is the most important thing you can do to protect your skin from too much sun exposure. Even when it’s cloudy, make sure and apply an all-natural tinted SPF 30-50 to your face, neck and decollete.

My pick: Raw Elements tinted SPF 30. If you are out in the sun all day, you should reapply every few hours. Raw Elements also makes a non-tinted SPF that you can use for the body.

Important tip: Remember most commercial sunscreens are full of toxic chemicals so please please please stay clean and chem free when it comes to sunscreen!

Summer Skin Care Tip #2

Wear a wide brim hat and sunglasses. Wearing a hat and sunglasses will shade your face and minimize damage caused by the sun’s rays, especially in the high heat of the day. This is a great way to avoid sun spots from showing up in the future. 

Summer Skin Care Tip #3

Wear less makeup. Makeup will clog your pores and with the added heat and sweat can cause a build-up of bacteria which leads to breakouts. Let your natural beauty shine!

Summer Skin Care Tip #4

Exfoliate. Use a gentle, all-natural exfoliating product to remove the buildup of dead skin so that your pores can breathe and skin can glow. Exfoliate every few days and follow up with a serum and light moisturizer (if needed). My pick: Eraorganics Manuka honey walnut scrub.

Summer Skin Care Tip #5

Apply an everyday face serum. A good serum is great for replenishing and adding vitamins back to your skin. It will also aid in creating a protective barrier for your skin to ward off bacteria and keep your face from breaking out. Try our Healing Hemp Face Serum. It’s best to use your serum just after you wash your face 2x daily.

Chiki Buttah Healing Face Serum

Summer Skin Care Tip #6

Drink water and replenish with electrolytes. Higher temperatures and more time outdoors lead to internal dehydration which can result in headaches, dizzy spells and drier skin! Drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day. Make sure and incorporate good quality trace minerals.

Important tip: To stay well hydrated we need more than just water, that’s where trace minerals come into play. My pick: Beam Minerals. They also have a mineral spray that you can use to spray your face and hair to replenish lost minerals to keep your skin glowing and hair shining. 

Summer Skin Care Tip #7

Homemade replenishing face mask. Treat your skin to a luxurious and inexpensive mask that you can make with items you have in the refrigerator.

Try my favorite creation: Avocado, yogurt and Manuka honey mask.

Mix together the avocado, yogurt and manukau honey. Apply for 1/2 hour. Rinse.

This mask will transform your skin! The yogurt has a mild exfoliating quality and will also help balance your skin’s PH by feeding it with healthy flora. The Manuka honey is antibacterial, anti-fungal and is a superb humectant that will attract lots of moisture into the skin. Avocados are loaded with antioxidants and minerals and can gently exfoliate your skin to unclog pores. You can use this mask 1-3 times a week.

Summer Skin Care Tip #8

Wash your face morning and night. Make sure you cleanse your skin 2x daily with a mild face cleanser. Try Chiki Clean Aloe Cream Cleanser. Aloe is the main ingredient in our face wash and it’s perfect for soothing the skin in the summer.

 chiki clean

A very important tip: When washing your face use only lukewarm water, as hot water can cause inflammation and strip your skin’s natural oils and can cause irritation. Always follow up with your serum and a touch of moisturizer (if needed).

I hope you try one or all of my summer skin care tips and feel confident about your skincare routine this summer.

Remember it is also important to nourish yourself with lots of fresh fruits, veggies and clean protein. Check out your local farmer’s markets this season. You’ll not only be supporting the farmers but also eating local foods that are in season and are the most nutritious! 

Lastly, don’t forget to take some time to enjoy all that this beautiful season has to offer!

Wishing you all the best in health, peace and love, 

Kim Keeshin 

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Kim Keeshin

Meet Kim Keeshin, the founder and creator of Chiki Buttah Products. Kim has had an exciting past as an international singer and performer. Kim’s passion for helping people led her to leave that field and along with practicing as a massage therapist for 20 years she also became a coach for health, wellness and nutrition and a kundalini yoga and Sheng Zhen meditation teacher.
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