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Performer, Healer and Alchemist Creates Natural Product Line

Kimberly Keeshin has led a life many people would envy—singing, dancing, traveling and working in the healing arts. But her greatest satisfaction comes from her latest venture, Chiki Buttah products, her line of organically produced wellness items that help people feel beautiful inside and out.
Chiki Buttah

How it all Started

Chiki Buttah Products

March, 2013 Kim creates Chiki Buttah!

As a massage therapist for 20 years, I’d worked with, literally, gallons of oils and creams. This led to replacing hundreds of sheets from the eventual build- up of the oils. In addition, all of the carpets in my massage rooms were stained from unseen droplets of escaped oil after applying onto my clients. It was a mess! What could I do about it? I decided to find out!

I began my research and stumbled upon a basic recipe for body butter.My passion to cook and create in the kitchen had made this project the perfect thing for me to do. I had all of the ingredients in my house so I got busy in the kitchen, as the alchemist in me came alive!

I was not satisfied with the original texture, smell and lack of nourishing qualities. I continued my research into many carrier oils and butters while looking for the most healing properties. Before long, the light bulb came on, a thrill of inspiration swept through me and I had it!

I followed my process and was thrilled with the final outcome- the perfect consistency of whipped butter that included oils with the most healing properties for the skin! The most gratifying part of it all was when I scooped it up and put it in my hand. I simply rubbed my palms together and it turned into a glistening, non-drip, velvety smooth butter! I was amazed at my beautiful creation and couldn’t wait to use it on my clients.

I began using it on everyone and was thrilled with the silky glide and longevity of the body butter with each application. It was like giving my clients a spa treatment to moisturize and nourish their skin. All of my clients loved it and commented on how great their skin felt long after the massage. Soon, word had spread and people began asking about where to buy it. That’s when, I knew I had to share ChikiButtah with the world!

Chiki Memories

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