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Written by
Kim Keeshin

Simple tips for recycling

Published on
February 28, 2022
Blog Recycling

More and more people these days are realizing the importance of recycling. In our modern day world it is all about fast, convenient and on the go. So, with that leaves a lot of waste!

Packaging is a necessary part of life, but it presents challenges for getting into the important practice of recycling. It can get complicated these days as some products, such as padded envelopes, food packaging and personal care products are made up of multiple materials, and most recycling processing facilities are not set up to dismantle multi-layer products. Because recycling can get complicated most people do not have the time nor the patience to learn how to recycle correctly and therefore decide not to recycle at all. 

Why Go Through the trouble to recycle? 

Recycling benefits the environment by re-using hundreds of millions of pounds of valuable materials instead of sending them to landfills. Also, recycling valuable materials reduces millions of metric tons of greenhouse emissions annually (less manufacturing and less waste) creating healthier air and cleaner waterways. Recycling also reduces the constant need for sourcing new raw materials.

Recycling creates jobs and supports our economy. As recently as 2017, recycling generated $117 billion in economic activity and $13.2 billion in tax revenue. Today, recycling employs more than 156,000 men and women nationwide and could create more than 1 million new jobs within the next two decades. Recycling benefits future generations by decreasing our use and reliance on natural resources, decreasing overly wasteful landfills, and decreasing water and air pollution.

Are you in?

I’d like to offer some simple ways in which you can start recycling today. Once you get in the mindset and habit, it will become effortless and something you can feel good about by making your contribution toward minimizing waste!

Getting started

The #1 thing you can do right now to minimize waste is simply reusing things. I’m always  seeking out ways to reduce plastic waste where possible. I think most of us are aware of the negative impact that plastic is having on our environment. Did you know that each year, eight million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean, wreaking havoc on the oceanic ecosystem. 

How can I reduce plastic and paper waste?

Precycle before you recycle…

In other words, think about how you can reuse something. For example: when you go to the market, instead of using more plastic bags for your veggies, have some reusable bags with you.

For food storage you can purchase reusable silicone bags instead of the non recyclable ziplock bags.

Say goodbye to bottled water! Have a reusable stainless steel water bottle instead that you can take with you wherever you go.

Use cloth napkins instead of paper even when you take a lunch with you.

Learn how to live without saran wrap! Here is one of my favorite remedies.

Simple tips for recycling

1. Know what to put in the recycling bin

Keep it simple and focus on the most commonly recycled items such as: paper, glass, aluminum and plastic. This way you can feel confident about what to recycle.

 2. Make sure and rinse out soiled containers before you put them in your recycling bag or bin.

This will help to keep foul odors from spoiled food and help the recycling process go smoother at the recycling plants.

3. If you’re not sure about something then throw it out in the regular trash bin.

You can also check on your local refuse providers website to learn the do’s and don’ts about recycling in your area. This way you can build your knowledge on the subject, and be a big help to those around you that are also learning.

Know What To Recycle

Recycling more at home does not require that much effort. Just have a designated place to store your recycled materials in the house, whether this is a box, bin or bag.

Tip #1

Flatten cardboard boxes so that you can fit more recyclables into your bin. Use a plastic box cutter to make it more effortless. (Find it here.)

Tip #2

All plastic bottles can be recycled, from water bottles to salad dressing to laundry detergent containers. (Make sure to always attach the lid)

Tip #3

Newspapers, wrapping paper, envelopes, birthday cards, phone books, catalogues and even toilet and paper towel tubes.

Tip #4

Most metallic items can be recycled, such as empty spray cans, tin foil, all empty soda, fruit, vegetable and other food cans.

Tip #5

All glass containers and bottles can be recycled.

Make sure and always attach the lids to any containers so they are not falling into the pool of recycled materials that can clog up the machines at the recycling plants.

Know what NOT to put in the recycling bin

All of these items below are NOT recyclable. 

Mail Packing 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Padded shipping envelopes
  • Styrofoam (like the molded material from electronics shipped in a box)
  • Packing peanuts
  • Compostable packing peanuts
  • Air bags (for packing)
  • Ice pack packaging from meal prep kits like Blue Apron (They are reusable)

Food packaging

  • Styrofoam trays
  • Tetra-pak – is a plastic-coated paper carton. (example: alternative and regular milk containers, boxed chicken broth.)
  • Hot dog or sandwich wrappers that are shiny on one side, paper on the other
  • Saran wrap
  • Stiff/crinkly plastic ( cereal bags, cracker sleeves)
  • Juice and fruit puree squeeze pouches
  • Chip bags, granola bar wrappers, condiment packets
  • Straws & Plastic utensils (even if it’s labeled biodegradable or compostable plastic)
  • Take-Out containers ( Chinese take-out boxes they are paper but lined with plastic)
  • Plastic Net Bags (around Tangerines, avocados)
  • Keurig type coffee pods/ cups
  • Starbucks paper cups

And what do I do with old appliances and electronics?

Best Buy accepts most electronics and large appliances. All U.S. stores, including those in Puerto Rico, offer in-store programs for customers to bring their old, unused, or unwanted electronics for recycling, no matter where they were purchased.

Best Buy also recycles other products such as; batteries, ink cartridges, computers, printers and hundreds of other items. Way to go Best Buy! Recycling just got a whole lot easier!

What do I do with empty cosmetic containers?

Bring your empty cosmetic tubes, bottles and jars — regardless of brand — to an Origins retail store or department store counter, and they will recycle it all for you, for free!

What do I do with disposable razors?

Statistics back from the 90s estimated that Americans throw away some 2 billion razors each year! It’s 2022 now, imagine the number now! 😱

This is a great article that will show you exactly what to do with your diposable razors.

Simple tips for recycling Chiki Buttah product containers

Did you know that you can recycle most of your Chiki Buttah product containers?

Chiki Cannabliss, Chiki Chill and Paw Buttah

Simply remove the middle disk that pushes the product up and toss the container with the lid attached in the recycle bin.

Chiki Face

You can put the entire container in the bin!

Healing Hemp Face Serum and all CBD tincture bottles

Throw the dropper in the regular trash bin and the glass bottle can go in the recycle bin.

Chiki Clean and Chiki Soothe

Throw the pump in the trash and the bottles in the recycle bin.

Chiki Buttah

Our 2,4 and 8oz jars are all recyclable! Just make sure and place the lid on before you toss in the bin.

Hand Sani and 3-in-1 Summer Comfort

Recycling your empty 2,4,8 or 64 oz containers is easy. Toss the spray top in the regular trash and the rest goes in the recycle bin!

Here at Chiki Buttah products, we are committed to reducing our footprint on the environment by adopting clean living standards. All of our choices from raw materials, methods in making products and all of our packaging, are based on the foundation of creating a softer footprint. We are passionate about building conscious communities and being part of the bigger picture so we can help make a positive impact for the future of our planet, our home. 💙

Please save the information in this blog as a reference and share with all of your friends and family so we can all recycle with confidence and feel good about our contribution toward positive change.

I hope that you are inspired to adopt some of these recycling practices today!

If we all do even just a little everyday we can make a big difference! 

If we don’t take care of our home, where are we going to live?

I am confident that we can do this together!

Wishing you all the best in health, peace love and a cleaner planet, 🍃

Kim Keeshin

Chiki Buttah Organic CBD

Kim Keeshin

Meet Kim Keeshin, the founder and creator of Chiki Buttah Products. Kim has had an exciting past as an international singer and performer. Kim’s passion for helping people led her to leave that field and along with practicing as a massage therapist for 20 years she also became a coach for health, wellness and nutrition and a kundalini yoga and Sheng Zhen meditation teacher.
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