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Written by
Kim Keeshin

How to detox your body

Published on
September 19, 2021
How to detox your body

Read these detoxification tips to enjoy a healthier lifestyle 

In our modern day world, absorbing toxic chemicals is unavoidable. Toxins can be found in the foods that we eat, products that we use and the environment in which we live. The amounts of these that we absorb and how much we detox is what we CAN control.

Through our lifestyle choices and more knowledge of how to detox, we have the power to bring ourselves back into vibrant health. Preventative care is the best health insurance that you can provide for yourself!

I think that the foundation and key to detoxing is in getting your digestive system on track. If you find that you are having digestive issues such as irregular bowel movements, constipation/diarrhea and/ or bloating, then this is a good indication that you need to implement some changes to get your digestion and gut microbiome back on track.

Here are some of my favorite detox tips:

Eat organic food to detox your body

Start with a diet of organic whole plant foods, grass fed meat, pasture raised eggs, wild caught sustainable fish and healthy fats. Some healthy fats are ghee, virgin coconut, avocado or olive oils.

Essentially, you want to eliminate the processed foods and refined oils as much as possible because they are undermining your health and causing inflammation, and digestive issues.

Take enzymes 

Enzymes are important support for digesting proteins and fats. Find a good quality enzyme/s and take them with your meals.This will help you digest and utilize the nutrition in your foods. And, It will help you to feel more energized from the foods that you eat as well as help your digestive tract become more regular.

Eat fibers 

Eat foods that are high in fiber! Beans are an excellent choice to add to your salad or have on the side with eggs in the morning. Veggies, apples and berries are also good choices. For a fiber boost, include a teaspoon of psyllium powder in water or juice first thing in the morning. Make sure and drink extra water afterwards.

Clean your digestive system

Enemas are a fast, easy and effective way to clean and clear out unwanted debris in your body. You will feel better immediately from the removal of stagnant waste. Enemas are a great way to detox because it literally removes waste that holds the toxins. If you don’t remove it, the body will reabsorb those toxins which can cause fatigue, aches, pains and inflammation.

Eat whole foods detox your body

You have a much better chance of NOT ingesting toxic pesticides when you buy organic. The build up of these chemicals can wreak havoc on your digestive system as well as your body’s other systems. Make sure that you know your list of the clean 15 and the dirty dozen. This will help when you are at the grocery store. Here is a link to that list.

Drink filtered water

Water is something we drink everyday so it’s important to have good quality drinking water available. Invest in a high quality water filter (reverse osmosis or carbon filter) and make sure to change the filters regularly as instructed. Water from plastic containers is not the best choice for everyday drinking because the plastic releases chemicals in the water and can have a negative effect on our health. Try to drink plenty of filtered water daily to help flush out the toxins.

Do a liver and gallbladder flush

This, my friends, is a game changer if you really want to detox! I just started doing these and I can assure you it is worth the effort! Check out Pure Joy Planet.

This is a reboot for your system and gives you an opportunity to flush out all of the built up gunk that is stored in the liver and gallbladder. You may even pass gallstones that you did not know that you had – sometimes even large stones! Just imagine the pain and inflammation that could be causing you. 

If you like the results, you can do it 2-3 times a year. For those of you who have blood sugar issues make sure to add easily digestible protein at meal time while doing the 6 day flush.Your body will function better in general when you detox the liver and gallbladder.

Make a green juice

Chlorophyll enhances the liver’s natural ability to remove toxins and waste from the body. Get yourself a juicer and make a yummy green juice with green apples, parsley, kale, cucumber, celery and lemon juice. Yum!

Move your body

Daily exercise improves circulation while sweating releases stored toxins. As you exercise, the blood circulates and provides nutrients to organs and muscles and will allow you to feel lighter, brighter and less toxic.


Sleep is a great opportunity to detox! Make sure to cultivate healthy sleep habits. (You know what to do) Try to shoot for 8 hours of sleep. Make sure your room is dark without any interrupting little lights, wifi routers or cell phones by your bedside. CBD oil is great to take before bed to ensure quality sleep. You can also try a sleep mask and earplugs to block out lights and noise. 


I urge everyone to try some of these detox tips and see the difference in your life. Being healthy is a lifestyle and a commitment. There is always so much to learn and to experience as you journey along the path of wellness. Our bodies are our best teachers. We just need to be good students by tuning in and really listening to our bodies!

Wishing you all the best in health, peace and love,

Kim Keeshin

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Kim Keeshin

Meet Kim Keeshin, the founder and creator of Chiki Buttah Products. Kim has had an exciting past as an international singer and performer. Kim’s passion for helping people led her to leave that field and along with practicing as a massage therapist for 20 years she also became a coach for health, wellness and nutrition and a kundalini yoga and Sheng Zhen meditation teacher.
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