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Written by
Kim Keeshin

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms and Signs

Published on
January 7, 2022
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One of my favorite things to do in life: Take the best care of myself and be in vital health, so that I can be of help and service to others. 

I talk a lot about healthy diet, mindful practices, better sleep habits, exercise etc. While they are all important, what I have discovered through my own personal experience is that hormonal balance is one of the foundational keys to VIBRANT health. What is the definition of vibrant health? Someone or something that is vibrant, is full of life, energy, and enthusiasm.

There are many men and women experiencing a myriad of symptoms that could be signs of hormonal imbalances. Even if you are doing all of the so called “right things” and find yourself still wondering why you aren’t feeling your personal best, you may consider having your hormones checked.

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms and Signs

Here are some of the classic signs:

  • Fatigue
  • Mood fluctuations
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Thinning hair, lashes and brows
  • Dry bumpy skin
  • Lack of muscle tone
  • Pain 
  • Inflammation
  • Bloating
  • Digestive issues
  • Poor/interrupted sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Depression
  • Brittle nails
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Low libido

Most of us are walking around with a few or more of these classic symptoms and wondering why we feel this way. I’m not saying that hormonal imbalance is always the reason for these issues by any means. The truth is you will never really know why until you have a full-spectrum panel of bloodwork done and work with a practitioner that you trust and feel in alignment with to read the results. Working with someone who specializes in this field will help put you on the track to correcting the imbalances. I know this to be true because after feeling pretty much all of these symptoms just a few years ago, I was able to heal myself and regain my vital health. It requires commitment and discipline, as does any goal that you aim to achieve. I will tell you that it is well worth the effort when you start to see and feel your progress over time. 

I know that it can be discouraging when you’re already doing many things to care for yourself yet you’re still feeling these symptoms! The next thought is, “I guess I’m just getting old”. Not true! Doing all the healthy things you can for yourself is always a good thing however, there is a difference between being healthy and being in vital health. This is where hormonal balance comes in.

If you want to take charge and finally pull the curtain back to see what is really underneath your symptoms, then I would recommend going to see someone who specializes in hormonal balance. It will be eye opening when you finally sit-down with your practitioner to go over your bloodwork results! At this point, you are no longer shooting in the dark, always playing that guessing game about why you are feeling so fatigued etc. It is very empowering to know the facts, once and for all!

What causes hormonal changes?

Men and women can experience hormonal fluctuations at any age these days. There are many factors that can be the cause of these imbalances. Some causes of hormonal imbalances are natural signs of againg. Other causes can be from stress, thyroid issues, poor diet, medications, chemical toxicity (from personal products, household products, food and environment), electronics ( too much screen time) and insomnia. 

If your endocrine system makes too much or too little of a hormone, you develop a hormonal imbalance. Even small imbalances can create health issues. If left untreated for too long they can turn into more serious health issues. Hormones play a huge role in keeping the body’s systems functioning properly. They control a number of functions including, metabolism, reproduction, mood, sex drive, growth and so much more. If in fact you are struggling with hormone imbalance, it weakens the immune system making you more likely to feel run down. The main function of our immune system is to protect us from incoming pathogens, viruses and bacteria which is most important these days. 

So you see, our hormones are involved in every aspect of your health. You need them in very specific amounts for your body to function optimally. 

Did you know that hormonal imbalances can cause anxiety attacks?

In a hormonally balanced person, cortisol will rise and lower according to the circumstance. People who have a hormonal imbalance are more susceptible to what’s known as a “cortisol flood” making it difficult to turn the cortisol (stress hormone )switch off, which makes you more anxious than you normally would be. That said, if your cortisol is too low, it can also trigger anxiety. So you can see the importance of balancing your hormones. If not balanced, life can take you on a roller coaster ride! 

Did you know hormonal imbalance can change your mood?

Fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone are associated with mood swings and irritability. Low levels of estrogen is linked to lower levels of serotonin, which can cause mood swings, depression, trouble concentrating, fatigue, and irritability.

There are a couple of different avenues to take to help correct these hormonal imbalances. Depending on your level of imbalance and your healthcare practitioner, you can either try a completely natural path by taking good quality supplements from natural sources that will support the body and heal over time, or, there are “bioidentical hormones” which are a type of man-made hormones that are closest to the real thing. These hormones are chemically identical to the ones your body makes, so you can absorb them easily. Do some research for yourself on bioidenticals and see if that’s a good fit for you. You can also discuss these options with your health care practitioner.

While you are waiting to see your specialist, here is a list of things you can incorporate right now to get the ball rolling to feel an improvement. To find a specialist, you can go online and search for an endocrinologist, hormone specialist or bioidentical specialist in your area and see which one speaks to you. You should feel comfortable with the person and treatment that you will be working with. 

  1. Eat protein with every meal
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Avoid sugar and refined carbs
  4. Manage stress through daily meditation
  5. Use healthy fats and stay away from refined industrial seed oils
  6. Drink green tea 
  7. Drink less coffee
  8. Cultivate proper sleep habits
  9. More self care
  10. Make sure to eat breakfast right after tea and don’t skip meals!
  11. Slow down.   

I will share with you my local resource, here in Austin, where I was able to find a highly qualified specialist to work with. I recommend Heal Austin and the link is here:  

Remember 2022 is all about taking care of you! I encourage you to seek out a specialist of your choice and get started on the path of discovery and better health through balancing your hormones. 

Wishing you all the best in health, peace and love…

Kim Keeshin

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Kim Keeshin

Meet Kim Keeshin, the founder and creator of Chiki Buttah Products. Kim has had an exciting past as an international singer and performer. Kim’s passion for helping people led her to leave that field and along with practicing as a massage therapist for 20 years she also became a coach for health, wellness and nutrition and a kundalini yoga and Sheng Zhen meditation teacher.
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