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Pronounced- Chee-kee Butt-ah

Happy Lash-n-Brow

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Happy Lash-n-Brow is an all-natural conditioning and growth serum that lengthens, strengthens, thickens and conditions lashes and brows. It’s made with all organic ingredients as opposed to commercial brand eye lash serums that are made with harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health through daily use.

This serum keeps your lashes fuller and thicker! Also, this will maintain the growth phase for longer periods of time so you will actually see your lashes getting longer and your eyebrows fuller!

Lastly, Happy Lash-n-Brow helps to keep the hair conditioned so that your lashes and brows stay supple and strengthened, preventing them from falling out or becoming brittle.

Use once or twice daily for optimal effect.  Feel good about using something that not only works great but is free from chemicals and healthy for your lashes!

3 reviews for Happy Lash-n-Brow

  1. Bianca

    After using Happy Lash for a few weeks, I noticed my eyebrows more hydrated and full. Also my lashes are definitely stronger- they don’t break or come out even when I try to pull them out. Our lashes naturally thin as we get older but I am resistant to putting chemicals near my eyes or use fake lashes glue just to look pretty. I am happy to find an alternative that helps lash durability and is organic and cruelty-free.

  2. Amber

    I often go to my stylist to get my lashes done and now without being able to see her because of the pandemic I needed something that would work for me. I first tried the lash and brow about a month ago and since then I notice that my lashes are getting a lot healthier and I don’t think I will need to see her as bad as I thought. The lash and brow has been perfect for me!

  3. Tara

    Really fabulous product. I had tried castor oil on its own and never wanted to use it since it was a mess. But the all star natural and organic ingredient list, ease of application and results are going to make me a repeat buyer. My brows look singificantly fuller and i typically have a lot of lash fall, but its greatly reduced after just one month! Makes my brows look “done” too after application!

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