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Pronounced- Chee-kee Butt-ah

Chiki Cannabliss Balm (Ultimate pain reliever)

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Chiki Cannabliss Balm (CCB) is the ultimate pain relief and healing balm made with organic CBD oil from the HEMP plant.

There is no end to the uses for this amazing anti-inflammatory healing balm! Containing 110mg of organic CBD oil, wildcrafted arnica oil, magnesium oil and our synergistic blend of 6 essential oils, this balm will take you on a vacation from pain.

CBD is known for anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and immune-boosting properties. Arnica has been used for centuries to treat muscle strains and various traumatic injuries such as bruising, swelling, and broken bones. Magnesium oil is known for its ability to calm the nervous system and therefore relax muscles and the body overall. Our unique blend of essential oils including ginger, peppermint, cinnamon, camphor, cajeput, and rosemary aid in pain relief and serve to increase circulation in tired, aching muscles. The effect is immediate upon inhalation and can ease a headache and open the sinuses. These powerful componentTs work together synergistically to significantly reduce pain and discomfort.

Apply before sleep for a more comfortable and deeper rest. As always, our products are free from chemicals and full of pure natural goodness!

Ingredients: Wild crafted arnica infused extra virgin olive oil, organic CBD oil, sweet almond oil, magnesium oil, arrowroot, peppermint, camphor, cajeput, ginger, cinnamon leaf and rosemary essential oils.

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9 reviews for Chiki Cannabliss Balm (Ultimate pain reliever)

  1. Marissa

    I met you at the Renegade Craft fair here in town this past month or so, and I was ready to buy the balm outright but you still insisted on giving me a demo. I felt such an immediate and intense sensation of relief that I thought perhaps I was fooling myself or otherwise hypnotized! As we ended our day however, the lack of pain itself was such an overwhelming sensation that I was nearly moved to tears. The idea that my chronic pain subsided and left behind such a pleasant void within my mind and body that it could not be ignored. There CAN be a day when my level 8 pain doesn’t dictate who I am or how I interact with others. There is something I can do while waiting for appointments and tests and imminent surgeries. After trying so many other CBD products available to me, I had lost hope that I could find a non-narcotic way to deal with my chronic and debilitating pain.

    Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I truly mean that.

  2. Christina J.

    Thank you so much for your amazing product, I’ve never had anything work so well on my pain, you are a Godsend to my knees!! You are an Angel Healer!!

  3. Betty Scheingold

    Your remedy is amazing. I feel like a new person and my sister and I are finally sleeping without pain. You saved us and we don’t know how to thank you . I am a case manager for end stage renal disease patients and they deal with pain all through their daily lives.

  4. Carla

    I recently hAd surgery on my ankle due to a broken ankle. nothing has helped with the pain unTil Now. I highly recommend the ccb balm, it has taken my pain away EnAbling my foot to heal!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  5. Melody Moon

    I am a hairstylist in Westlake, I rent a chair at a salon and would like to make extra money, and this would be perfect for me. I can sell what ever products I want at my station, but this would bethe only one I would be selling. Solely because I believe in it and would love to help others not hurt! Pain is such a debilitating and horrendous thing to have to life with every day.
    First, I rubbed it on one hairdressers shoulders, another’s foot. A client’s shoulder, and a clients wrist. They all said it was amazing! I’ve given your website to over 5 people so far, because I love what this product did for me! Which I could do every day at my shop, and trust me I could sell it! I have a man that works at the gas station down the street that has bad
    knees, and I plan to stop by with my blam to show him as well. Anyone that hurts, will hear about this product from me. I even called my friend in Oklahoma that had sent me a CBD balm of hers to try, I told her this product is amazing and that she has to order some. I’m telling everyone I know that hurts…

    I had my knees injured in the gym about 15 yrs.ago and have been living with pain ever since, with no surgeries done for relief. I tore the meniscus in both of my knees at the same time, and also tore my ACL. The only true relief I’ve found that is substantial is swimming thus far. And during the winter when I can’t get in the pool, its very hard on me, I get super stiff. I take an anti inflammatory every day, and a muscle relaxer at night because I don’t want to get hooked on pain pills like I see so many do. And this combination has helped, but I’m still not able to walk very far like I want to. I do have tramadol, but try not to take it.

    I use to walk my two dogs every day, and also take them to the Red Bud Dog Park in our Austin. One of my dogs got attacked by 3 other dogs, hence he couldn’t walk for about 2 months. And in that 2 months my knees got so stiff I could barely walk, I got so stiff from not exercising every day. So it’s been 3 yrs. since that happened, and mine and my dogs quality of life has been absolutely horrible, we use to have such an active and fun life. And I put the CCB on my knees, and walked my dogs again for the first time today!!! And I’ve been more active overall since I bought your product. In just the 4 short days I’ve had it, I’ve felt 75 to 100 percent better. What a change in my life, to be able to go places and exercise again! It’s Sunday tomorrow, and I can’t wait to walk my dogs again!

    I had been researching CBD oil, and recently bought some over Christmas when I was in Dallas. I’ve started using it and did feel some relief from it when I rubbed it on my knees. And I will continue to take CBD orally, but will only use your CCB to rub on my knees now. Your product was overwhelming stronger for numbing the pain than using the CBD rubbing on my knees. With your product I could feel an immediate tingling sensation along with a mild heat sensation. My knees felt numb, and for the first time all I could feel was the weight bearing on my legs, but NO pain! And I put it on my knees about 4 o’clock and it lasted throughout the evening, almost 6 hours…I wanted to cry I was so happy…I hadn’t had that much relief in years!! So I guess you can see why I wrote you about being
    a distributor, this is something I believe in and want to help others.

    I don’t understand why this product is not everywhere, and more well known. I was attending a psychic fair in Austin, and that’s where I ran across the booth where the lady was selling it. I thought ok, I’ll try it, but didn’t think it would really make a difference in my pain, but low and behold it did! She was a very soft salesman which I liked, and she rubbed it on my knees and ankles. I was surprised that she didn’t even have to apply very much, the product is very concentrated and spreads very well. And I noticed how nice it felt to have someone else rub it on your “ouwies”, that made it even nicer to try.

    And yes, you may use anything I’ve said for an endorsement, no problem. This is a product I truly believe in, it’s a miracle to me.

  6. Erik Stearns

    I met the gals of Chiki Buttah at the Pecan street Festival about two and a half years ago. At the time I was in desperate straits due to old knee injuries that left me with a piece of knee cap and cartilage left in the joint and no cartilage to speak of to provide the cushioning for me to endure any amount of walking or standing. I was bone on bone on bone. As one can imagine, I was hurting big time.

    Having learned just recently at the time about CBD products, I told them of my situation. They sat me down at their booth and treated one of my knees with the pain relieve balm. It totally lived up to its name in that having walked the Pecan Street venue all day, I was paying for it. I tried some and was hooked. The Canabliss balm and is so sensational, I bought that and took it whenever I went walking. It helps especially when you have the especially deep pain, such as hip pain, and yes, the knee pain as well. I’ve even used it for the occasional back ache.

  7. Kimberly Brisco

    A little more than a year ago I came across Kim selling her products and I was in pain and feeling desperate for relief. I decided to take a chance on the balm and thank goodness I did. I have various issues and the pain can be overwhelming but when I put the balm on, I feel more relaxed and have less pain. In fact, I like to put it on before bed and it allows me to sleep through the night. Thank you Kim. You have given me hope!

  8. Glow

    Awesome! That cannabliss has taken care of my dislocated finger pain as much as any ibuprofen, so I’m super excited for my clients to get to try it!

  9. Theresa Trogdon

    My husband here in Austin has been working outdoors in this heat up & down ladders in the construction field. His feet & ankles swelled up at the end of one day really bad. I applied the CCB healing Balm, elevated his feet & BAMM ! Pain gone & swelling receded!! I know a lot of people in this field would benefit from this product!

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