Testimonial 10

I met the gals of Chi Ki Buttah at the Pecan street Festival about two and a half years ago. At the time I was in desperate straits due to old knee injuries that left me with a piece of knee cap and cartilage left in the joint and no cartilage to speak of to provide the cushioning for me to endure any amount of walking or standing. I was bone on bone on bone. As one can imagine, I was hurting big time.

Having learned just recently at the time about CBD products, I told them of my situation. The sat me down at their booth and treated one of my knees with the pain relieve balm. It totally lived up to its name in that having walked the Pecan Street venue all day, I was paying for it. I tried some and was hooked. So, I bought that and took it whenever I went walking.

Then I tried the Canabliss balm and that is so sensational. It helps especially when you have the especially deep pain, such as hip pain, and yes, the knee pain as well. I’ve even used it for the occasional back ache.

I also noticed that they sold CBD oil and vape pens. Those also became staples in my medicine chest because for those sleepless nights as well as preparing for those days when I know it’s going to be one of those stressful days. The vape pens are a God send and life saver in that I find myself depending on it for those emergencies when things get too intense. Being an energy sensitive and introverted, I get overwhelmed when I’m in a crowd situation or I’m next to a bunch of boisterous people who are carrying on and who are being obnoxious. Whenever that happens, I grab the pen, head off to somewhere quiet and take a few puffs. It’s seriously saved my sanity.

If you’re into being prepared or just like the convenience of having these wonderful products on hand, or you’re like me and don’t want to carry bulky items in your backpack, pouch, purse, or whatever, you need to get one of the go bags. These contain the miniature versions of the products I mentioned, save for the oil and vape pens. I personally keep everything in one of those bags. If I overextend myself on a workout or somehow injure myself by stepping the wrong way, I have something to immediately deal with the pain, rather than just suffer through it, or worse yet, I must be immobile for a while. Therefore, I have the full-size stuff at home and the go bag with me whenever I’m headed out for a while.

How’s the service? It matches the quality of the products offered. They first, know me by name and have given me discounts on different things when I needed to stock up. The real shining star of my experience happened recently when to vape batteries went out on me. I didn’t have a backup, and things were really getting hairy at the job. I desperation, I wrote them, and Randy, one of the cofounders, sent me not one, but two replacement batteries at no charge.

Top quality products plus top-notch customer service, and you have a company like Chi Ki Buttah. You just can’t go wrong with this company, nor its products. They know their stuff and can answer any questions about CBD you may have, plus offer the best solution that works for you, and yes, your pets as well. You just can’t go wrong.