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Pronounced- Chee-kee Butt-ah

Organic Hand Sanitizer – 64 oz


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Organic Hand Sanitizer by Chiki is made with pure ingredients without all the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances of commercial brands. Our organic hand sanitizer gets the job done, kills bacteria and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth! Made with pure alcohol 70% (190 proof), organic glycerine and a blend of powerful anti-bacterial and antifungal organic essential oils. Use all day long and feel good about putting something clean and natural on your skin.
Ingredients: Pure alcohol 70% (190 proof), organic vegetable glycerine, distilled water, organic essential oils: lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass. 
No artificial ingredients
No parabens
No fillers
No petro-chemical by products
No synthetic fragrance. 

6 reviews for Organic Hand Sanitizer – 64 oz

  1. Elliot

    When I first held the bottle in my hand, I had a magic feeling. I believe the magic I felt was the love you put into making the hand sanitizer. Absolute terrific product. Really like the organic ingredients, the bottle itself and the healthy feeling you have when using, Congratulations on creating a product that helps others feel safe, especially in this time of uncertainty.Blessings for the road you are traveling!!

  2. Bob J.

    Wow thank you Kim, I really appreciate that. Your product is terrific. If we must use hand sanitizer to help us stay safe your hand sanitizer is the one I want to use. Thank you again. Stay well.

  3. Linda S.

    For the longest time I have avoided hand sanitizer because the sticky feeling it leaves on my hands, plus they don’t feel clean. So the minute I read Kimberly had a hand sanitizer, I ordered 2 bottles. WOW I love it. It sprays on, no sticky gel, and my hands feel clean. The bonus is they also feel soft and I love the fragrance…a little aroma therapy during these stressful times.

  4. Melissa F.

    I received my Hand Sani a few days ago and it is amazing! I bought another brand prior and it was a gel which was sticky and had the strongest smell. The Chiki Buttah Hand Sani is so calming. The fragrance is a perfect combination of essential oils. It smells so good. It is organic which is a bonus! It sprays on lightly not heavy like others I have tried. I am waiting for another shipment to come. I can’t wait!

    I definitely recommend trying this and their other products which I love as well.

  5. Vicki W.

    Goes on clean. Because it’s a spray there is no stickiness. The scent is an added bonus. Very calming.

  6. Fran

    I just love everything I have ordered from Chiki buttah. The face serum, hand sanitizer and I just ordered the whipped body butter. Can’t wait to get it!

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