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Pronounced- Chee-kee Butt-ah

Chiki Lips

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Chiki Lips is an organic, therapeutic lip butter containing replenishing cold-pressed virgin oils such as antioxidant rich sea buckthorn berry oil, argan oil, and mango butter. These ingredients serve to protect your lips from the elements and leave them supple and smooth. Lanolin, avocado, and castor oil are deeply emollient and moisturize even the driest lips. Kiss chapped lips goodbye forever!
As always, our products are free from chemicals and full of pure natural goodness!

It’s not just all natural, it’s supernatural! Handmade with Love in Austin, TX.

Ingredients: Organic mango butter, organic beeswax, organic virgin avocado oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic argan oil, meadowfoam seed oil, organic carrot seed oil, castor oil, pure lanolin, organic sea buckthorn berry oil, sweet orange, peppermint and benzoin essential oils.

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3 reviews for Chiki Lips

  1. S. Angel

    Ever since my teenage son started taking isotretinoin for acne several months ago, we’ve been on the hunt for a balm that would calm and soothe his severely dry, cracked lips. He tried over ten products and nothing worked! He spied the Chiki Lip tubes I’d purchased as holiday gifts and asked to try it (why didn’t I think of it??). After using Chiki Lips just a couple of times his lips looked great and he asked me to PLEASE get him more. I can’t thank you enough. You are a lifesaver and game-changer. He looks and feels great!!

  2. S.L.

    This lip balm is soothing and makes my lips feel moisturized. My lips feel like they are being healed and replenished. It’s a great daily lip balm.

  3. Sheril

    I went to a flea market in Austin and saw your booth. The lip balm in particular caught my attention until I saw the price tag. Eight dollars!! That’s ridiculous I thought as I started to walk away. The lady in the booth next to yours was watching it while you were away and as I was walking off she said, “I don’t know what’s in it that does the magic but my lips stopped peeling when I used it.” What!?! I thought. Is this the miracle product I’ve been looking for! Suddenly this is ridiculous turned into the Fry shut up and take my money meme. See I have had exfoliative cheiltis for 12 years now and neither the doctors nor the web forums have been very helpful in solving it or even providing relief. Essentially my lips flake and peel constantly. It’s painful and more importantly it’s embarrassing! The things that have somewhat worked smell like a cow’s face or stain my lips. They are not practical for everyday wear. This Lip balm though, is pure magic. It’s a fantastic relief from the pain and embarrassment and I can’t speak for other people but at least for me and your booth neighbor – It works! Of course that’s worth 8 dollars for lip balm for me. In fact I came back to your site and bought 3 more tubes! Now I realize the causes for the condition are various so it might not be a magic bullet for everyone but I’m telling you because if it works for other people you might have a dedicated group of people to sell to and I thought maybe that information would be helpful to a small business owner.

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