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Pronounced- Chee-kee Butt-ah

Whipped Body Butter

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Give your skin that Chiki Glow!

This velvety smooth, whipped body butter uses only the purest organic virgin oils. Shea butter paired with coconut, almond and avocado oil comprise this super moisturizing and deeply nourishing product. It is loaded with essential fatty acids such as Vitamin A and E, the nutrients necessary for collagen production and restoring moisture to the skin.

Using Chiki Buttah once a day will protect your skin from the elements and leave your skin shimmering with the “Chiki Glow.”

As always, we use only the purest ingredients from natures bounty, formulated without fillers and preservatives. Use after the shower and as needed throughout the day. Scoop into palm, rub palms together and apply. Great for massage!

Restore Your Natural Glow

  • Use for Baby Rash
  • Preserve Tattoos
  • Even out Skin Tone
  • Relieve Skin Irritations
  • Heal Scars

It’s not just all natural, it’s supernatural! Handmade with Love in Austin, TX.

Ingredients: Organic virgin shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin avocado oil and organic virgin sweet almond oil.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.75 × 3.5 in

Sacred Woods, Lavender Mint, Lavender Geranium


2 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz.

9 reviews for Whipped Body Butter

  1. S. Angel

    Crack open the jar –this must be a mistake–it looks like fresh whipped cream! Light and airy–is this really a full body moisturizer? I curiously scoop some up in my hands, and it just melts like buttah! The surprises keep coming-my skin stays soft and smooth all day long. I LOVE IT!

  2. D.

    Will purchase again.
    Excellent product. Works as described

  3. Davina

    I love Chiki Buttah! I’ve been using this product for years and excited to see on Amazon! As a Texan living in Colorado, this balm is perfect for the dry climate.

  4. S.L.

    The moisturizing Shea whipped body butter helps restore your natural glow. Handmade using the purest organic virgin oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil and avocado oil. It absorbs nicely.

  5. Jen

    I love love love Chiki Buttah! It looks like whipped butter and smells amazing. I have psoriasis that is flared up at the moment and this provides such nice hydration, it brings a lot of comfort to my skin. I would buy it by the bucket if I could!

  6. Donna

    This is the best hand cream I’ve ever tried. At first it seems too rich to soak in, but in seconds, your skin is just mega soft, not at all sticky or greasy. PLUS! It stays that way for days! I don’t know of another moisturizer that can do that. Love this stuff!

  7. Irene Rivers (verified owner)

    I bought the 4oz just in case I did not like it.
    I am now buying the 8oz.
    When I first used it I thought it was going to be greasy because it feels that way in your hands,
    but it drys quickly and your skin feels soft.

  8. Lettie Gordon (verified owner)

    From one skin moisturizing junkie to another, this is the one! I’ve been using this for years now and nothing, not a single moisturizer does a better job. My only special instruction is allow it some time to soak in b4 you get dressed! Price is not an option when it comes to my skin and I’d pay double for these products! I’ve tried them all and they’re worth every cent, considering ‍♀️ Buy with confidence!

  9. Cyndy

    Anything I have used in this line is EXCELLENT…has anyone tried the hand sanitizer??? I think it would be great also with this pandemic…i have always gotten above satisfaction in CS…i only wish I had known sooner about this line…I LOVE IT…it is only this for me from now on!!!

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