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250mg of pure HEMP, for your furry friends who may suffer from declining physical and behavioral health concerns. It’s organic, Hemp free,  and safe for your pets! HEMP (Cannabidiol) is one of more than 80 cannabinoid extracts found in the hemp plant. It’s non-psychoactive meaning, it will not produce a “high”. Our natural, plant-based and non-toxic compound supports:

  • Overall Health & Wellness
  • Relaxation & Comfort
  • Hip & Joint Mobility
  • Neurology & Cognitive Function
  • Immune System

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2 reviews for Hemp Oil For Pets

  1. Beth Cloyd


    I met you at one of the heights markets and bought CBD oil for my dog, Jewels. She was on Prozac. She is a rescue with significant anxiety issues and submissive urination. You asked that I let you know how she did on the CBD oil.

    And OMG…she is doing great. More active, less anxiety and she now very rarely has accidents. She is so full of energy now. She basically slept most of the day. Now she is up, walks around and goes outside.

    I was a huge skeptic….and a big believer now!

    Thanks so much.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Aneek360 (verified owner)

    My dog has had a seizure disorder and has been on medication for 3+ years. After research, I wanted to try giving him cbd oil to see if it helped him. I’m stoked to say that we bought the Chikibutta CBD Oil and slowly weaned him off of his medication over the span of a month. He has now been completely off his medication for 2 months, ONLY taking the CBD oil (4 drops twice a day) and he has has zero seizures. None. He’s happy and healthy and totally normal. I recommend this oil to everyone now.

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