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Written by
Kim Keeshin

Pain Awareness

Published on
September 11, 2022

National Pain Awareness Month was established in 2001 and is observed in September every year. Pain professionals and activists from all around the country get together to raise awareness about problems connected to chronic pain. 

Did you know that due to the opioid crisis millions of people with chronic pain have been tapered off of opioid medications and not offered other treatment options? This leads to tremendous pain and suffering, feelings of abandonment, anxiety and depression and even suicide.

What is the aim of Pain Awareness Month?

Pain Awareness Month aims to make the public aware of how prevalent general pain is, educate them on how to deal with pain, find alternative and holistic remedies for pain and collect funding for research into the causes and treatment of various forms of pain. 

It also creates a community for pain sufferers that can join together to find other therapies and natural remedies to alleviate the agony they are experiencing. More people these days are realizing that prescription and over the counter pain meds are doing more harm than good and are not even that effective over time. It’s just not worth the sacrifice of health! There are a lot of people with chronic pain that are resigned to the fact that they will just have to live with their pain, feeling hopeless and exhausted from the day to day challenges that they have to endure. There is hope! 

Thanks to pain awareness month there is research being done on all types of pain. Understanding and differentiating the type of pain someone is experiencing will determine remedies and action steps to take in relieving and conquering the day to day discomfort. 

Most common types of pain

These are the 4 major types of pain:

  • Nociceptive Pain: Typically the result of tissue injury.
  • Inflammatory Pain: An abnormal inflammation caused by an inappropriate response by the body’s immune system such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Neuropathic Pain: Pain caused by nerve irritation, examples: diabetes, neuropathy.
  • Functional Pain: Pain without obvious origin such as fibromyalgia. This type of pain can be especially frustrating because there is no diagnosis or conclusion as to why someone is feeling their pain. This type of pain sufferer oftentimes is questioned by their friends, family and even doctors on the validity of their pain.

What can make pain worse? 

Stress releases stress hormones such as cortisone, which in turn cause inflammation and more pain. If you can reduce your stress, you can reduce some of your pain.

What does chronic pain do to the brain?

Researchers found that in people with chronic pain, a front region of the cortex associated with emotion gets stuck in the active mode and does not switch off causing it to be stuck on full throttle, wearing out neurons and altering their connections. People with unrelenting pain don’t only suffer from the non-stop sensation of throbbing pain but also are highly emotional and stressed all the time.

What can I do to make living with pain easier?

There are some key coping skills and antidotes that everyone with chronic pain should adopt and work to master for success in dealing with their pain condition.

How to cope with pain?

Below are 7 basic coping skills you can implement now to help reduce your pain:

1. Understanding– Do your research and understand the reason behind your pain. When you have a clear sense of what is happening in your body and what is causing your pain you can feel more settled in just knowing this information. From there you can make a plan of action to move in the direction of some form of healing. 

 2. Accepting– Acceptance and having appropriate attitudes and expectations about chronic pain are key to living with more positive outcomes. When you change the mindset of “woe is me” or “why me?” to “what now?” you can then bring your focus on becoming proactive and empowered to take on the challenge of finding remedies that help alleviate the pain and create a more positive mindset.

3. Balancing– There is a balance between doing too much and doing too little. Activity is important even for pain sufferers. It is up to you to know your personal limitations, or, when to push yourself a little more. Remember exercise releases natural endorphins which not only lessen the pain but also boosts your mood. Creating healthy consistent routines and adopting self care habits is key. 

 4. Calming– Cultivate practices that can calm the body and mind. Pain triggers a fight or flight response which causes more tension and more pain. By relaxing through breathing techniques and meditation you will be in control of accessing the parasympathetic nervous system response (rest, relax and repair) to help reduce your pain levels naturally.

 5. Conquering your emotions– It’s always good to have tips and techniques to use when the pain becomes more severe and you are feeling really low. There are a myriad of emotions associated with chronic pain such as, sadness, fear, hopelessness, feeling overwhelmed , depression etc…It is easy to get stuck in these emotions and spiral down into negative thought patterns. Meditation is a great way to intercept your emotions and clear your mind. Even just 5-10 minutes can help. Another way is to repeat a mantra. Here is an example: As long as I am alive and breathing on this earth I will never give up! Repeat it until you believe it! You can say this over and over daily and also write it in a notebook over and over. This is a very effective tool to intercept that downward spiral and begin to create a positive feedback loop. You can even create your very own positive mantra. Over time this will enable your mind to be positively proactive rather than negatively reactive. Conquering your emotions is key!

 6. Natural remedies-Find natural pain relieving remedies and therapies that you can use that can help take the edge off, even if it’s for temporary relief. Here are some suggestions:

  •      Acupuncture- Helps to relax, balance and heal the body. Check with your insurance agent, you may have this available with full coverage or with a co-pay.
  •      Massage- Helps the body to relax, circulate fresh blood, move lymph and triggers all the feel good chemicals. Check your insurance to see if this is covered.
  •      Chiropractic care- Find a Corrective Chiropractor that can get to the root cause of your pain. If you are in the Austin area, I recommend Dr. Jerrod Bagley Corrective Health. Google a Corrective Health Chiro in your area. Most insurance plans cover chiropractic care these days.
  •     Cranial Sacral therapy- This is a very profound yet gentle and very relaxing treatment that can access and release deep-rooted causes and/or trauma and help to release a lot of stress. Read about it here.
  •     Topical pain relief balm and CBD oil – It is of utmost importance to have an all natural topical pain relieving balm handy. This can be your go to remedy to take the place  prescriptions and over the counter pain meds. Chiki Cannabliss Balm is the best all natural topical balm that you can apply directly onto the point of pain for deep, fast, relief. CBD oil is very effective for relaxation, reducing inflammation, pain relief and better sleep. These 2 products work very well together for reducing inflammation and pain and are a must have for anyone experiencing chronic pain. You can use them together or separately as often as needed without any side effects. 

7. Join a support group. Here’s is a link to find a support group so you can stay connected and learn some tips and tricks to help with pain.

Key points to remember:

1 .Learn coping skills and how to conquer your emotions.

2. Learn deep breathing and meditation to help you relax.

3. Reduce stress in your life.

4. Boost chronic pain relief with the natural endorphins from exercise.

5. Always have natural remedies available.

6. Try new types of therapeutic modalities that your insurance may cover.

7. Join a support group.

I hope that you will find some comfort in my blog and know that you are not alone. There are lots of resources and support groups available that can help in many ways where you can connect with others to find inspiration and ideas that can be transformational and help your situation. 

Please share this information with anyone you think may benefit. 

Wishing you all the best in Health, peace and love,

Kim Keeshin

Chiki Buttah Organic CBD

Kim Keeshin

Meet Kim Keeshin, the founder and creator of Chiki Buttah Products. Kim has had an exciting past as an international singer and performer. Kim’s passion for helping people led her to leave that field and along with practicing as a massage therapist for 20 years she also became a coach for health, wellness and nutrition and a kundalini yoga and Sheng Zhen meditation teacher.
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