Our Story

Handcrafted body butters and pain relieving balms made with organic ingredients.

In March of 2013…

I had a scheduled massage appointment for my friend Leslee. She brought coconut oil for me to apply but it was too solid for use. She suggested I throw it in the microwave to soften.

As a massage therapist for the past 16 years, I’ve gone through gallons of oil and creams. This led to replacing hundreds of sheets from the eventual build up of the oils.

Not to mention all the carpets in previous apartments would stain from unseen droplets of escaped oil after applying onto my clients. After some time, a ring would appear in the shape of my table. Not pretty!

After microwaving the oil for about 10 seconds, I found I was able to slide and glide into the dance of massage. I liked the feel but the smell was a bit overpowering and the texture wasn’t consistent. The coconut oil would harden and soften according to the temperature in the house. I liked the idea of using pure oil and started looking online for other options.

Our Founder

Kimberly Keeshin has been in the healing arts and performing arts for 30 years.

She has teacher certifications in:

  • Sheng Zhen Qi gong
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Health, nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Everything is done with the purpose of health, wellness, transformation and helping others to find their personal joy.

Kim has many years of experience performing on the stage as a singer, dancer and drummer and continues to reach her audiences with her exuberance and zest for life inspiring many.

Bridging the healing arts and performing arts together, she has a platform to reach the world as a messenger with an important mission. In these times, her goal is to ensure that we take the best care of ourselves and make the most clean and informed choices.

Kimberly Sibilla


Beyond providing a great product and service, we want to educate society on the importance of having healthy skin. There are millions of people who either choose not to take care of their skin or simply don’t have access to quality skin care products. We want to fix this.

While many people remain uninformed, strides in the right direction are being made. A cultural shift to understanding the benefits of quality, organic products has led to wider acceptance across health and food stores around the world. There’s still a lot of work to do and we need your help. Connect with us through our social channels and join the movement towards healthy skin for all!

Why this special blend?

I found many carrier oils and butters through my research. I then stumbled upon a basic recipe for body butter. That’s when the lightbulb in my mind switched on and a thrill of inspiration to make body butter swept over me. I had all the ingredients in my house so I got busy in the kitchen as the alchemist in me came alive.

My passion to cook and create in the kitchen made this project the perfect thing for me to do. After I followed the process, I was pleasantly surprised at the final outcome: A perfect consistency of whipped butter! The most gratifying part of it all was when I scooped it up and put it in my hand. I simply rubbed my palms together and it turned into a glistening, no-drip velvety oil. I was amazed at my beautiful creation and couldn’t wait to use it on my clients.

I began using it on everyone and was thrilled with the silky glide and longevity of the body butter with each application. It was like giving my clients a spa treatment to moisturize and nourish their skin. All my clients loved it and commented on how great their skin felt long after the massage. Once people began asking about where to buy it, I knew I had to share Chiki Buttah with the world.

Kimberly Sibilla

Enjoy these Chi (life force) Ki (life force) infused products and allow your senses and skin to bathe in the unique aromatherapy blends, skillfully and lovingly hand crafted by Kimberly Keeshin, founder and chief alchemist of Chiki Buttah products.

“When you do everything with love and love everything you do, open up your heart and let your light shine through, there is a palpable difference in the final product.”

Kimberly Keeshin, Founder –

Each batch is infused with healing mantra and the spirit of sheng zhen:
“Sacred truth/unconditional love from the universe. Feel the hug in each application and know that you are loved and protected from the elements as all of the ingredients are of the purist quality and are hand selected for their intrinsic healing properties.”

Say hello to that Chiki Glow!

This velvety smooth, whipped body butter uses only the purest organic virgin oils. Shea butter paired with coconut, almond and avocado oil comprise this super moisturizing and deeply nourishing product.

Satisfied customers

“I love knowing that the products are handmade with love and quality ingredients. Nothing works better than muscle tension balm to gently warm sore muscles and melt away inflammation and pain. It’s definitely ‘the balm’!”

“When you do everything with love and love everything you do, open up your heart and let your light shine through, there is a palpable difference in the final product.”

“We love the lip balm! My son has chronic chapped lips this time of year. It was so bad when school started that the cracks lead to a skin infection and several rounds of antibiotics. We have tried everything, every brand we could find. This has been the first thing that has made a difference!! It’s amazing!! I would love to try your other product- the pain cream! Thanks!”

“My life changed when I found this product. I am constantly looking for something to rub on my body that will get rid of pain and smell really good. I FOUND IT… Muscle Tension Balm is my best friend. I tried all the products on the shelves in many stores that say pain reliever. NOTHING works like Muscle Tension Balm. Best of all, it smells delicious from all the essential oils. I just put another order in to try more of your products. keep up the good work!!!! “

“I have been using Chiki Buttah products exclusively now for two years. The Chiki Face has enriched my skin with smoothness, deep hydration and reduced signs of aging. Chiki Chill serves to reduce soreness and muscle aches from my rigorous lifestyle as an African dancer. Rub it on before bed… massage it in and wake up feeling a reduction in soreness. “

“I love chiki buttah! I take it with me everywhere. I just scrapped the last of my muscle rub out in Mexico and was hoping she’s coming to Camp Fareta again so I can purchase more. But now that she has a website I’ll order from there. “

“I’ve been using chiki buttah skin care products from its inception, and I must say that I’ll never stop! I especially love the buttah, lip, shape shifter and muscle tension balm! Thank you so very much Kim for creating such a wonderful line infused with integrity!”

“I love both chiki buttah and the chill. The buttah is the best body cream ever, especially good on the feet. The chill takes care of those aches and pains fast. I put it on my hips at night for a good night sleep…pain free!”

“I really like the chiki face and the chiki lips! The products feel very nice on my skin: very emollient and slightly tightening. I have never found a better lip product. i use it by itself and no longer feel the need for lipstick. I appreciate that the ingredients are pure and non-toxic.”