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Written by
Kim Keeshin

Meditation, Mantras and Affirmations

Published on
May 27, 2019

January’s Love yourself month is coming to an end and we would like to share with you some healthy lifestyle tips to use throughout the rest of the year to keep yourself feeling more balanced and centered. In this blog we will talk about different kinds of meditation, mantras and affirmations. We even added some that we, at Chiki Buttah Products, practice ourselves!

What is a mantra?

Mantras are a form of meditation and a form of self- healing. There are many forms of mantras all over the world gifted to us by different religions and spiritual groups. Kundalini Yoga for example uses mantras in the language of Gurmukhi. They are extremely effective for healing aspects of the self.

Although we may not understand the language, we can still extract the benefits, as the mantras hold a clear intention with a high vibration, spiritual message and meaning.

Repeating the phrase over and over can reroute ones thought streams and create a positive feedback loop. is an organization where you can find lots of healing mantras. Start with the simple ones and begin to feel the magic!

Chiki ButtahChiki Buttah

Practices From Chiki Buttah

Kim, our founder The mind loves rhythm. Reciting mantra is a way to break through exhausting, and/or negative thought streams. By repeating a mantra you are able to put the mind on stand-by, as the rhythm and vibration creates positivity and feelings of well being. ​Here is one that I created for myself and I love to recite to myself when I’m walking or working out: “I am healthy, I am happy, I am beautiful, I am strong”. This is a good go to mantra to fortify your spirit. You can repeat it silently or loud and proud!

Chiki Buttah

Affirmations have a similar effect as they are usually a concise sentence with a positive message to help keep you on the positive track throughout your day.

Here is an example of an affirmation that I say to myself when my schedule is crazy busy:

“There is plenty of time to do everything with calm, finesse and grace”. It helps me to stay in a relaxed flow and not get too ahead of myself!

Chiki Buttah
Create your own mantra or affirmation. Make a concise sentence of that which you would like to work on for the moment or in your life in general. Say it while you are doing your daily routine. Its like whistling while you work!
Chiki Buttah


I like to repeat the Five Aspects of the Indian Goddess Kali, whenever I get stressed, upset, or need strength. The five aspects of Kali are:
1. I am Beauty; passionate protector of life
2. I am The Dancer; bestower of creativity and restorer of equanimity
3. I am Wisdom, dispassion that cuts through ignorance
4. I am Shakti; primordial energy of creation
5. I am Rebirth; cosmic memory of all that exists
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Meditation is extremely effective and healing for the mind, body and spirit. And, its free!! The Number one health benefit is stress relief! When we are in control of our stress levels, not only are our emotions more at ease but all of the body’s systems can function better, especially our immune system. Below are a couple of ideas for meditation practices you can try when you’re pressed for time.

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I try to use meditation in micro moments throughout the day. I take moments to just breathe and clear my mind so I can separate myself from the anxiety of the past and future and bring myself to the present moment.
Chiki Buttah

Here’s an easy breezy meditation for you…

Staring at the flame meditation:
Sit comfortably in a chair with your spine erect. Rest your hands on your thighs. Relax the body, quiet the heart and still the mind. Sink deeper as if you are sitting in the most comfortable chair, as you begin to feel completely supported everywhere. Just let go… Have a lit candle on a table in front of you and just stare at the flame for 5 minutes. Focus on the flame as if it’s the only thing that exists. Listen, as if the flame has a message to tell you. Empty your mind and be in this moment, open and receptive. Let your thoughts dissolve. Become very, very still.
Then, close your eyes and see the image of the flame at your 3rd eye. Enjoy the stillness for another 5 minutes or as long as you like.
Come back to your day slowly and mindfully and feel proud that you honored and nourished yourself. Feel as though every cell in your body is smiling and enjoy the rest of your day!

In Closing

Find a mantra, affirmation or meditation that works for you and incorporate it into your day. Mantras and positive affirmations are great to do while you are walking, driving, working out, cooking, cleaning or just being still. Meditation can be 10 minutes or an hour. Do what feels right, feels good and what you have time for. Begin to Cultivate the habit of creating some “me” time so you can replenish yourself and feel more at ease, more joy and more love. Stay tuned next month as we will talk about some different kinds of Yoga and Qi gong!


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A Word From Our Founder Kim KeeshinChiki Buttah products are hand crafted with love and pure ingredients. It is our passion to make honest, clean and nourishing products available for everyone! We love educating ourselves and our community about health and wellness so that we can all live in vibrant health, peace and joy and love.

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