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May 2019

Chiki Buttah and Massage

Our original signature product, Chiki Buttah (whipped body butter), was created with massage in mind! Kim practiced massage therapy for 20 years. After using many oily, messy products, she decided to create a recipe of her own for a body butter made of only natural and nourishing ingredients! She wanted something that she could stand behind as a healthy alternative to chemical laden products. Kim began sharing her vision with the world and creating products that people love!

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“My passion to cook and create in the kitchen made this project the perfect thing for me to do. After I followed the process, I was pleasantly surprised at the final outcome: A perfect consistency of whipped butter! The most gratifying part of it all was when I scooped it up and put it in my hand. I simply rubbed my palms together and it turned into a glistening, no-drip velvety oil. I was amazed at my beautiful creation and couldn’t
wait to use it on my clients.” -Kim Keeshin


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Whipped With LoveThe airy, seductive texture of our body butter is achieved by combining some of the most nourishing organic, virgin butters and oils. Shea butter paired with coconut oil, avocado and sweet almond oil makes it the perfect texture for massaging into the skin.


Three Alluring, Fragrance-Free ScentsOur scents are created by combining natures purest essential oils into our handcrafted products. Our body butter comes in three tantalizing scents: Awaken the body while calming the nerves with our Lavender Mint. Step into a secret garden and keep anxiety at bay with our Lavender Geranium. Feel balanced and grounded with our Sacred Woods scent (frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, ylang ylang). And, thru February, our limited edition scents: Mighty Aphrodite and Adonis!


Essential Fatty Acids Restore Dry, Damaged Skin! Can you say Crepe eraser?Many skin care products on the market call themselves crepe erasers but contain chemicals and alcohol that actually dry the skin. Our all organic body butter is loaded with essential fatty acids such as Vitamin A and E, nutrients necessary for collagen production. This will protect your skin from the elements and keep it feeling soft and silky. You’ll have that “Chiki Glow” everyone is raving about!

For your good health we offer you organic:
Face cream
Pain relieving balms
Dry shampoo
Body butter
Lip balm
Gift/travel bags
CBD products
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Massage Tips From Kim: Everyone should own a massage table! I love having my massage table set up and ready to go! Place a few candles around the room with some relaxing music playing. Set your intention to create a sacred space for healing, clearing, surrendering that which no longer serves and relaxing. Both the giver and receiver will benefit!

Massage is like a meditation. In the beginning, keep your movements simple, you can always learn more. Just allow yourself to enjoy the flow of your hands gliding along the body. If you feel good while you are giving the massage than the receiver will feel more at ease. Never compromise your bodies positions, as this not only blocks the Chi from flowing, but can also create muscle strain and affect your overall posture. When you are giving massage the focus should be at the heart center rather than the mind. This will keep the energy soothing and healing rather than forcing something to happen. Power vs force. The power comes from the purity of the hearts intention to help facilitate healing. 🙂 So grab yourself some Chiki Buttah and massage away! It’s like a spa treatment for the skin and the senses!


Local Austin

These fabulous local stores carry many of our products! If you don’t see it there just order online

Wildflower Organics 524 N. Lamar # 101 Austin TX 78703 512.320.0449

Magnolia Pearl 461 Split Rail Crossing Fredericksburg, TX 78624 830.990.9600

Peoples Rx 4018 North Lamar Blvd. — Austin, TX 78756 4201 Westbank Drive — Austin, TX 78746 13860 Research Blvd Austin, TX 78750 3801B South Lamar Blvd. — Austin, TX 78704


Our Mission

Chiki Buttah Products are hand crafted with love and pure ingredients. It is our passion to make honest, clean and nourishing products available for everyone! We love educating ourselves and our community about health and wellness so that we can all live in vibrant health, peace and joy.

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