Anna’s Story

Breast Cancer story
Oct 2018

I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Breast Cancer this year and had my first lumpectomy April 10th. My cousin had gifted me this Chiki On the Go Bag which was absolutely perfect and so easy to pack in my hospital bag. The bag contained exactly what I needed.

While in the recovery room I opted to go natural and not take any other pain meds than what they had given me for surgery. I applied the Chiki Chill around my side and on my pulse points. During the first 3 days post-surgery the recovery was absolutely wonderful. I used ice packs and Chiki Chill Balm consistently and nothing else. I was not able to shower for 2 days so the dry shampoo came in handy and the Chiki Chill Balm did too. The chiki lips was, absolutely, the icing on the cake because all that I wanted and needed to use came in that Chiki on the Go Bag.

Two months later I started radiation treatment and I used the Chiki Buttah Whipped Body Butter every day after treatment. There was an area under my arm I was not aware that was getting treated so after round #15 the skin irritation was absolutely unbearable. I applied different things for the burn but once I started to apply the Chiki Buttah directly on my skin it began healing quickly. I really don’t know what I would have done without the Chiki Buttah during my treatments.  It was truly a lifesaver and I am so grateful my cousin bought it for me. This cute little bag allowed me to keep all my things together and made it so handy when I did not feel my best.

It’s been 3 months now since I completed radiation treatment and I still apply the Chiki Buttah to my entire chest area. My skin is now all healed up and you can’t even tell that I even had surgery or bad radiation burn with skin discoloration. The essential oils and ingredients are so pure and natural that I am so at ease knowing that I am putting a wonderfully safe product on my body. If you know anyone going through any surgery or recovery, show them your love and bring them a Chiki on the Go bag. I would take this little bag over anything else!

Thank you Chiki Folks for creating these awesome products. I will forever use them. On a side note my son pulled a serious muscle in his hip and nothing has helped him. I gave him my Chiki Chill to use a few days ago and he now carries it in his pocket. Chiki Chill to the rescue again.

– Anna Ramos

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