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Pronounced- Chee-kee Butt-ah

Managing life and striving for balance in our modern day world…

It seems that life is literarily whizzing by in every direction gaining speed and with out ever slowing down! Needless to say this is what makes trying to find balance in our days (weeks) so challenging! We can all use a little support on the subject to say the least! Sometimes we can find inspiration and ideas through learning how others are finding what gives them balance. We are all so uniquely different and so what works for one may not work for you. It is our challenge and responsibility in todays world to find that which works for us. Here are 5 key pillars that will help you navigate toward finding your personal balance.

1.Tune into love

2. Gratitude

3. Rhythm of breath

4. Nutrition

5. exercise

Now take an inventory of your daily life and figure out which pillar is lacking. Once you see where the imbalances are you can make baby steps in that direction. Here are a few of my go to’s when I have limited time.

Tuning into love can be as simple as thinking of something that triggers a warm happy feeling like thinking of someone that you adore.

Find a quiet space sitting on a comfortable chair. Quiet your mind and let yourself feel open, relaxed and full with love. You can also imagine that all of your cells are smiling and you feel so happy in this moment. Spend 5 minutes in the space you have created and just let yourself swim in this feeling.

When the mind stops reeling with thoughts and you let your heart expand and fill with love, your entire body will feel more relaxed and the rhythm of your breath will naturally become more even and relaxed. You begin to feel a shift in your attitude to a sense of gratitude.

So there you have achieved  3 of the pillars for a more balanced life and you did that all in 5 minutes!

Nutrition is simple if you stick to the guidelines of: Never eat processed food, eat organic as much as possible and make sure to eat or drink your greens and veggies.

Super foods are a great way to boost your daily nutrition. Learn about the top 10 superfoods and start adding a couple to your diet. Just listen to what speaks to you. Your body will let you know what it needs. Its always a good idea to rotate your foods so you are getting a full spectrum of nutrition.

Exercise is key in moving the blood and lymph and keeping the toxins moving out! A little exercise everyday is best. If you only have 10 minutes you cant go wrong with: Squats, pushups and planks with some light stretching at the end.

As a business owner , I understand the challenges of trying to fit in the things that nourish me AND get everything on my to do list accomplished! Even though I have less time for self care these days I realize the importance of doing a little bit everyday rather than waiting for the perfect day. A little nourishment is better than none! Its also about the quality of time spent not the quantity. example: If you are meditating for 5 minutes than strive to stay present and extract the full benefit of that 5 minutes. It can turn the chaos to harmony and remove the worry and stress. This will keep the immune system strong and the body,mind and spirit in equilibrium. If we all do our part then we can meet each other with more compassion, love and positivity.

Wishing you all the best in Health, peace, joy and love…

The Chiki Buttah Babe